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    The Ahmednagar District Goat Rearing and Processing Cooperative Federation Limited, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra (AGF) have established modern abattoir and meat processing plant for scientific slaughtering of 1600 sheep and goats per day and production of quality meat, meat products and animal byproducts.

    The main objective of the District Federation is to run modern processing plant to slaughter Goats and Sheep supplied by the members and market meat, skins, and offal for farther processing, to give assured live Wight prize to farmer.

    AGF is situated in Ahmednagar Districit, the head office is in Ahmednagar City 100 Kms from Pune City and the Plant location is Vadgaon Tandali, Tal. & Dist. Ahmednagar, India. Established in 1993, AGF has moved from strength to strength in its innovations and technological expertise.


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Goat Farming                                                                     


Goat farming in India has been practiced using traditional and conventional methods for centuries. Ahmednagar Goat Federation  has adopted and implemented modern and systematic scientific methods to make goat farming and processing a more commercially viable proposition. Thel goats are grown in stall-fed conditions. The professionally trained staff at Goat Farms ensures the proper management of data and record keeping tracking the progress and growth of each goat. Regular medical-checks and vaccinations ensure the goats stay healthy and disease free.

These innovations have taken goat farming to a whole new level of operations within the country. The systems of production and operation implemented at AGF Farm's have been appreciated by many.










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