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    Our plant is geared to the packaging of meat as quickly as possible, so as to maintain the freshness of the product, adding value to the quality. The type, strength and practicality of the packaging, all determine the suitability for the respective markets.



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AGF is the largest producers and exporters of Processed Meat from India. We own the Asia's most modern, integrated meat processing setup.

Highest international standards and specifications are incorporating using latest technology and automation in all stages of production.


AGF facilities are supported with "state-of-the-art" operations which enable us to maintain total quality control over the meat production line. We are totally committed to the hygienic production of "safe meat" and the AGF is continuously striving and evolving to meet the consumer's hygiene and quality needs. The quality assurance commitment is an integral part of the processing plant and is actively supported by the management.










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