Help to Set Up a Goat Farm.

Establish your Own Goat Farm!


Facilities Provided by the Federation to establish your goat Farm:-

We can help you to establish your goat farm in arid and semi arid region, where there is scarcity of water.

  • Selection of the site: Our representative will visit your site and select the appropriate location to raise the goat farm.
  • Help to obtain finance: We will prepare project report, as per the feasibility and submit it to the financial institute to avail financial support.
  • Construction of the shade: Our technicians will help you to construct shade as per our design within your budget.
  • Plantation of fodder: As per the availability of water resources planning of green fodder will be recommended.
  • Supply of quality goats: Federation will undertake the supply of quality goats suitable to be reared in stalled fed condition.
  • Management of the farm: Management package for feeding, breeding, and health care of pregnant and lactating goats, small male and female kids will be provided. Expert representatives of the federation will supervise the activity by paying periodical visit to the farm, and will give advice considering the availability of the resources at the farm.  
  • Marketing: Federation will offer assured market to the goats. Male and female goats will be bought by the federation on live weight basis.


Steps to Set Up Goat Farm:-


a. Selection of farm in terms of No's of Goats

b. Finance Assistance

c. Shed Construction

d. Feed Management

e. Supply of Goats

f. Goat Rearing

g. Medication

h. Trading










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